Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Broken Computer

That's right, my computer is broken. It gives me an error message every time I try to turn it on, and unfortunately we don't have the financial resources to get it fixed right now. That is mostly because we just bought a car, and we are going to Lake Powell for a week (which can be quite pricy once you add in food and gas purchases). There are just a couple of things I want to get off of my computer and then it can just go away (as I am using Jason's computer right now), but all of our pictures are on there and a couple of other things that I would like back. Who knows when it is going to be taken care of, but I guess I can handle it until then.

So recently I have been playing quite a bit of golf. I played several days ago, had a lesson yesterday, and played 18 today with my dad and brothers. I actually did pretty well, and I can tell I am getting better because the most I had on any one hole was 8 strokes, and usually I have at least one 10 in there somewhere. So it was a good day, even though I was really sore from my lesson yesterday.

I have found a new hobby- painting. I have painted a couple of pictures for my sister (usually just words and simple shapes), and now she wants me to teach her how to do it. We are going to make some paintings for Jordan and Shelby with their names and a verse on each one. They are going to be so cute! I wanted to do that for them for Christmas, but I didn't have time to get my act together. Really, I have only done two paintings, so I am still new at it, but it is fun and I can do it really quickly (like 2 days from start to finish). Speaking of, I have a quilt I promised to make a friend of mine that I have not finished yet. She says I don't have to worry about finishing it, they are in no rush to get it back, but I have had the stuff for 6 months and I haven't done it yet, what kind of friend am I?? Not a very good one, that's for sure. hopefully after Lake Powell I can get on it and finish it. We'll see what happens!

In reading a friend's recent blog post (the same friend I owe the blanket to, lol) I realized that Jason and I are coming up on our 4 year anniversary. I never thought I would be married for 4 years and not have a child. I just always thought it would happen sooner for us, but it hasn't. Not that we have been trying, I'm just saying. I know I am still relatively young to want kids, but in my mind I have always thought I would have children about 2 years after getting married. Now I am going to have to completely change my expectations, since we are double that right now. This is neither good nor bad, I've just been thinking about it.

Alrighty, gotta run. Have a fabulous Tuesday!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Frustration and spending

Gah, I'm so frustrated! So, Jason and I bought a car at the beginning of this month. We had to put down a big down payment because we didn't want the monthly payments to be over a certain amount. Then, yesterday and today, we start getting bills in the mail for medical and dental appointments that I went to at the end of May. Apparently insurance is not going to cover nearly as much as we thought it would and we not have to pay several hundred dollars to these different places for services that we thought were routine. For example, the insurance is not covering any part of my annual OB appointment. Those are practically required and are good for preventing any kind of illness, and yet they don't cover ANY of it!! And my dentist... I just had a bunch of cavities filled but the insurance is not covering as much of that as we thought they would because "the cavities are on the back teeth" and they don't cover the back teeth the same as the front teeth. This is ridiculous!! Thankfully I got my 5-in-1 check yesterday so we won't be terribly insufficiently funded, but I just wonder why we have insurance if they don't cover these simple, routine things. What is going to happen when I am pregnant? Are they going to cover any of it? It makes me want to scream.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Summer happenings

So far this summer has been pretty relaxing. I have played golf a couple of times, including this morning. I played awesome on Friday. I didn't play so well today, but it was still fun.

Another exciting thing that has happened recently is we bought a car! We don't own it yet, but supposedly it will be in tomorrow. I'm excited to get it asap. We kinda were thrown off guard when we went to test drive cars on Saturday and we were almost forced to buy one. Thankfully it was the one we wanted and were going to buy anyway, but they gave us a trade-in deal we couldn't refuse. They said the car wouldn't be in for 7-18 days, but when we called yesterday to get some clarification on some things and the sales manager told us it was already in route. I'm trying not to get my hopes up about it coming in today, but I can't help it.

Anyway, tomorrow is tutoring and hopefully getting my car, if it doesn't come in today. It's so flippin' hot today that I don't want to do anything. Blah, I guess I'll go take a shower. Have a great week and stay cool!